Food stand on a “Euro +” basis - Авилон - стеллажи, торговое оборудование

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Food stand on a “Euro +” basis

   Stand is designed for fruit and vegetables exposition. The stand has dismountable construction. The stand is developed on a basis of Euro + display. Shelves are completed with the 80 mm front edges and brackets, that allow inclining the shelf when needed. Additionally the stand can be completed with plastic boxes for vegetables.


Additional elements for the food stand on a “Euro + “ basis:





Front edge of the food stand d=950 mm 


Universal bracket d=300 mm


Universal bracket d=400 mm


Universal bracket d=500 mm


Plastic box for provisions 600*400*155 mm

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The container installs on euro pallet. Total work load is up to 500 kg at the maximum load in 3 layers.