(EN) 11.0800.5 Roll container GR



Overall dimensions (H*W*D)



 735 liters (0,735m3)

Mesh size

 side wall 111*245mm

base frame 74*74mm

Base frame work load


Shelf work load





  • Additinal compomemts (at your request): dismountable shleves, nameplates, castors.
  • Different types of coating: powder coating, cold zincing and hot dip galvanizing


     Advantages of logistic roll-containers:

  • Remarkable increase of the roll container mobility due to the reduction of out-of-service time
  • Reduction in requirement of loading equipment usage
  • Increase of the useful space of the transport vehivles and warehouses
  • Extention of packing service lifetime
  • Increase of the product and packing security while transferring throught the warehouse or in the vehicle
  • Speed-up of the order processing at the warehouse


11.0910.5 Shelf for Roll container GR



Overall dimensions


Shelf work load




Autre production

(EN) 11.0910.5 Shelf for Roll container GR

(EN) 11.0600.5 Shelf for roll container XL

(EN) 11.0700.5 roll container МВ

(EN) 11.0500.5 Roll container XL