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(EN) Roll container RT



item name  external dimensions (W*D*H), mm

mesh size,




weight of the product, kg 

RT 7180-1.62

710*800*1620 150*450

Galvanic zinc




  • Walls are made of round tube.

  • Doors: upper one is hinged, lower one – is turning, opens aside together with upper door. Height of each door is 632 mm.

  • Horizontal bars on the sidewalls, back wall and doors are made of the flat bar. It adds more hardness to the container.

  • Container is entirely meshed that allows automated wash.
  • Work load  – max 270kg.


RT первое открывание

RT второе открыв


All containers are completed with:

Additional options:


  • metal pocket / plate
  • plastic panel for meshed bottom
  • castors Ø125mm (2 pcs – swivel, 2 pcs – fixed)



  • foot kip
  • swivel castors with break
  • magnet  plate
  • branded sticker



Additional service: galvanic zinc coating (outside) + anti-corrosion coating (inside the tube) is a duplex corrosion protection system. The anticorrosive composition covers the inner surface of the tubes, which ensures a substantially of longer life of the container in industrial conditions.

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