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History and values

AVILON Ltd was founded in 1990. Since that time, the company has created the powerful manufacturing base that allows realizing complete production cycle of commercial equipment, which is not worse than world analogues. Today “AVILON” is one of the largest producers of trade equipment in Ukraine. Our company has several representative offices in different cities of Ukraine and wide network of dealers. Due to the gathered experience, our construction department has developed the range of standard stands for goods exposition and storage in the stores, supermarkets and other point of sales, which are different not only by their robustness and quality, but also by their ideal correlation price/quality. These standard stand constructions were developed according to modular assembling principle, which allows to maximize the use of trade area, to find different variants of modules combinations, create unique interior and, if necessary, to divide the sales area into sections.
1. Why do we have good prices?
  • In our company we use progressive organizational principles of work, aimed to optimize production and technological processes at maximum;
  • We have rational approaches creating each of the trade equipment models;
  • Focus on the short lead time allows us not only to minimize storage charges, reducing the product costs, but also to react operationally on needs and requirements of our customers in trade equipment sphere.

2. Practical advantages of working with our shop fitting equipment

  • sophisticated construction, up to tiny details;
  • simplicity in assembling/disassembling of the stand allows to create fast and to change the design of the set according to your preferences;
  •  really high-grade raw materials and qualitative coating of the components provides long service time and robustness of the equipment;
  • Due to the constructional peculiarities, dust doesn’t mass on our stands, and also for the maintenance stuff comfort we have provided easy access to the components of our equipment, which, as a whole, during the long period of time allows to keep proper outlook of our stands and vitrines;
  •  Higher flexing resistance of our stands allows to support the maximum working loads;

3. General concepts of “Avilon Ltd service”:

  • Care of each of our customers
  • Professionalism
  • Creative approach to assigned tasks