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Roll containers are the most necessary service equipment whether at a dry-cleaning, small laundry facilities or production sites. Laundry roll containers prevent clothes from wear-out and help keep it at good condition for longer term.
Roll cages are made from the following materials: stainless steel, plastic, coated ferrous metal. Base frame and sidewalls of a roll container can be made of different materials. Each type of roll container has its advantages.

  • Roll containers with plastic base frame are lighter than those with metal base frames, though metal base frame is more durable.
  • Roll…

Perforated and meshed displays

Trade displays, completed with hooks, can be used for different goods. Moreover, the production can be of various types according to the size and volume: from little pack with candies to heavy and huge building tools. Hooks can be added either to display with perforated back panel or with the back panel of a meshed type.

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Castors are one of the key elements of a roll container. While choosing the optimal castors the following factors should be considered: floor surface, roll container workload and operating environment.  Operating life and comfort of usage in great measure depend on proper attention to the castors choice.

Below you can find information on castors constitutive elements.

 Polyamide, steel, polyurethane, polypropylene and rubber are mostly used for wheels center production. When wheel tread…

    Confectionary assortment is well presented at supermarkets and shops. High quality and robust displays will ensure well targeted lay out of confectionary products and as a result sales increase. Besides effective presentation of maximum assortment in confined spaces well selected shop equipment can add to a department or store design. 

   While designing of the confectionary display our construction department took into account recommendations made by focus groups of confectionary products producers:

  • display should stand…