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Laundry Roll Containers

Roll containers are the most necessary service equipment whether at a dry-cleaning, small laundry facilities or production sites. Laundry roll containers prevent clothes from wear-out and help keep it at good condition for longer term.
Roll cages are made from the following materials: stainless steel, plastic, coated ferrous metal. Base frame and sidewalls of a roll container can be made of different materials. Each type of roll container has its advantages.

  • Roll containers with plastic base frame are lighter than those with metal base frames, though metal base frame is more durable.
  • Roll containers made of ferrous metal can be electro-galvanized or coated with polymeric powder (paint-coated). Paint-coated roll cages exposed to shearing distortions and as a result of it – corrosion.
  • Most optimal material for laundry roll containers by quality-price ratio is electro-galvanized metal.
  • Stainless steel roll containers are durable but the price range is quite high. 

Laundry roll containers can be 2-3-4-sided and of various sizes.
The range of accessories for roll containers is defined by the functionality:

  • Doors of different types:
    • hinged doors
    • folding doors
    • doors that can function as shelves
  • Metal pockets for paper documents and/or identification magnets. 
  • Roll container base frame can be made of:
    • sheet metal 
    • wire mesh
  • Roll container can be fitted with foot kip to facilitate curbs passing
  • Can be supplied with different castors types
    • of various diameter
    • ofvariousmaterials
    • with/without treadguards.