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Displays with hooks

Perforated and meshed displays

Trade displays, completed with hooks, can be used for different goods. Moreover, the production can be of various types according to the size and volume: from little pack with candies to heavy and huge building tools. Hooks can be added either to display with perforated back panel or with the back panel of a meshed type.

перфорированное полотно сетчатое полотно
Perforated panel Meshed panel

It is possible to place hooks more closely on the perforated panel with the spacing of 21 mm, on the meshed back panel the spacing is 55 mm. However, the safe load of both types of panels is almost the same.

Types of hooks

Hooks for perforated and meshed panels differ according to the type of fastening:

крючки для перфорированной стенки крючки для сетчатой стенки
For perforated panel For meshed panel

Hooks differ according the type of construction to single and double ones as well:

одинарные крючки двойные крючки

With price tag or without price tag: 

крючка с ценникодержателем крючки без ценникодержателей

Hooks can be of different length:

длины крючков

Covering can be of 2 types: galvanization and painting. Attention!!! Take into consideration that various manufacturers produce different perforation; consequently hooks are also different. There can be not only hooks, but hinges.  Displays can be completed not only with hooks but also with hinges

навески на стеллажи
It is practical and economical!!! If branded display is made especially for the certain production, than if the production or its package is changed on the market, display becomes no more actual. Conclusion:it is more mobile, which is practical when the market demands are changed. Easy-to-use for little shops Perforated and meshed panels of the standard display are used pretty often with shelves. Little shops often face the problem of lack of space. This combination allows placing more production on a limited space. перфорированный стеллаж с крючками