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Confectionary displays

    Confectionary assortment is well presented at supermarkets and shops. High quality and robust displays will ensure well targeted lay out of confectionary products and as a result sales increase. Besides effective presentation of maximum assortment in confined spaces well selected shop equipment can add to a department or store design. 

   While designing of the confectionary display our construction department took into account recommendations made by focus groups of confectionary products producers:

  • display should stand out from competitors displays.

This matter was addressed by designing the new topper with LED tap lights.

As well as ensuring availability of the paint colors used by client in trademark branding.

  • display should be easily transported and stored. 

For the most efficient transportation and stock two-part uprights were designed that allow packing display on single pallet. 

  • display should be durable and resistant to wear. 

As display body is made of steel it is resistant to water and temperature impacts, that significantly prolongs its operating life comparing to displays made of chip board. 

  • display should hold maximum products assortment.

After enchantments shelf for sweets by weight has 12 sections and holds the load of 30kg. Shelf can be fitted with glass or plastic dividers. Glass dividers are more durable while plastic ones are more easily scratched and are less eye-catching. Mostly clients prefer glass dividers unless displays are to be transported far or often, as plastic is more impact resistant. However our company successfully transports displays completed with glass elements to such countries as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, packed in packages that provide safe transportation during long distance deliveries.  

40.1500.1 Стеллаж БС

   For the most efficient lay out of boxed products 1-2-3-leveled shelf was designed. 


   Wired hinges are used to focus buyer’s attention on some product groups. Without additional major expenses, unlike if buying other brand displays, new products can be well presented on these hinges.    

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