Roll container GL-L

item name  external dimensions (W*D*H), mm

mesh size,




weight of the product, kg

GL-L 8159-1,7

810*590*1700 113*370 

Galvanic zinc




Roll container with two doors that open aside.

Sidewalls of container are of rare mesh, which makes weight of container lighter.

It is completed with two shelves. They are easily folded vertically along the side wall, thus making one entire load section inside the roll container. 

Shelves of container are completely dismountable, if needed.

Work load  – max 250kg.




All containers are completed with:

Additional options:


  • 2 swivel and folding shelves
  • metal pocket/plate
  • plastic panel for meshed bottom
  • castors Ø125mm (2 pcs – swivel, 2 pcs – fixed)



  • foot kip
  • swivel castors with break
  • magnet  plate
  • branded sticker


Additional service: galvanic zinc coating (outside) + anti-corrosion coating (inside the tube) is a duplex corrosion protection system. The anticorrosive composition covers the inner surface of the tubes, which ensures a substantially of longer life of the container in industrial conditions.



11.2892.5 Shelf for roll container GL-L

полка Сити от Паши 2

Еxternal dimensions (W*D), mm


Shelf work load, kg

мах 50


Galvanic zinc

Weight of the product, kg



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